Ahol a kicsik nagyokat alkotnak
Why is it best to learn through playing?

For preschool-aged children, play is the natural form of existence and an activity that includes the partial functions of learning and working. This is what makes it effective. During playing everything is possible. Children’s play is motivated by joy, sadness, the excitement of adventure, the need for communication, the test of strength and the desire to express themselves. Play relaxes and stimulates, gives the protective illusion of isolation, but also connects with a mate; educates and provides experience; opens a window to the world.

·         In early childhood, time cannot be divided into periods as in grade school. It is continuous and endless, a fluctuating medium of inner and outer actions.

·         For a child, activities are interesting only if they, as experiences, form a whole. They carry a meaning only if playing has a purpose.

·         Continous time-management, completion of a game, repetition, variation and completion of already tested games and motives, and modelling teachers’ style require a slower pace.

·         We reject the idea of planning everything meticulously in advance. We see the outlines drawn by age and situations but we are highly flexible. We can be flexible as we do not subscribe to purposeful development which is just a nice word for taming children. Our constant presence, alert attention and tuning into children’s needs allow us to follow flexibely the dynamics of their games and to encourage their fleeting associations. We help only when help is needed. We are cheerful and calm because we accept that life is happening within and around us with our full participation but without wanting to control it all the time. We seek to create a cosy environment where our teachers, a special educator, a special education assistant, a psychologist and a speech therapist are doing their best to integrate children with special needs.

·         Each year we are trying to come up with new ideas in our daily routines so our school teachers do not get exhausted and bored. Work in a preschool is highly strenuous, an activity not consistent with adulthood and one that nevertheless requires relentless interest and joy

- though we are big kids!