Ahol a kicsik nagyokat alkotnak
Hungarian - English bilingual education

In our kindergarten we assure a secure environment without any bonds for the children, therefore participation in the English Language Programme is not compulsory, though children have the opportunity to experience the language during play at the same time. This practically means, that we've chosen a language development method which rather motivates than forces children to learn. Therefore the English language development is sheltered, secure and happens in a child friendly way. Another advantage of this method is, that the children choose to participate in English activities, therefore they are highly motivated and eventually efficient. The Enlish activities are interesting exciting and always humorous. The atmosphere is stress-free, relaxed, nobody gets negative feedback for making lingual mistakes. On the contrary all efforts are rewarded with positive reassurance by our English teachers. At last but not least our English Language Programme, instead of using the conventional, functional and rule orientated language teaching approach, focuses on the content, and the message that children experience through acquisition.