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Enrollment - September 2012
English-Hungarian kindergarten groups

The bilingual (English-Hungarian) BELVÁROSI JÁTÉKÓVODA in the heart of the city is expecting the application of new children from September. Last places!

You can get more information about free spaces on this number: +36 (20) 564 4252. We are waiting for your call!

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Family Nursery

Enrollment to the daycare program is continuous! From 1 to 2,5 years old. You can get more information about the free spaces on the number: +36 (20) 564 4252. Looking forward to your call!

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Eva Helper Award


Dear Parents, in 2012 Fejszák Judit the leader of our kindergarten is among the candidates for Éva-díj (Eva Helper Award - An award of Eva Magazine). Thank You for your votes!

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Folk Art through Stories and Play
Museum of Folk Art, Budapest

We gladly became aware that we won the tender of Folk Art Museum (TÁMOP 3.2.11/10-1/KMR-2010 Folk Art through Stories and Play)

In the capital 11 institutes (among our kindergarten) won this tender: 6 educational museum lessons for 4 year-old or older children.

In the first semester we can take part in 3 lessons and the topic is going to be playful and musical activity and getting to know the every day's folk traditions.

In the second semester is going to be 3 lessons again: through playful and musical acitivity to get to know the festival folk traditions.

The task of this tender is to make them have interest in music and songs, like folk musical games and feel the beaty of musical activities, frame their musical taste through folk traditions. Beside this it is also important to develop the relation of children to poetry, tales, puppet traditions, drama play and Hungarian culture.

Our goal is to make children to become museum-lover grow ups!